Illustrations of Love

The truth of our redemption

Is the perfect picture of beauty

It embodies the fullness of your grace

To all who will receive and believe

It represents a new covenant

Through your Spirit and sacrifice

It is You ending our lawless attempts

And uniting us as your bride


Gospel of Grace

In our longing for justice,
We argue, we reason, we explain
Hoping our offender
Will feel remorse for our pain

But where we have been wronged
We have wronged a thousand more
So we look to the cross
And see the grievances He bore

If we all weren’t in need of this grace
We could rest on our arguments
If all we had was our understanding
All through the day we’d lament

But thank God He teaches mercy
Thank God it’s not about evening the score
Thank God it’s not about who’s right or wrong
Thank God, grace gives so much more.