Good News

It is not the healthy who need a physician

It is the lost, the admittedly hopeless, the broken.

For what does a healthy, holy man need but recognition?

It is the needy, sinful, suffering man who seeks salvation.

He doesn’t cast judgment on those who trust in His name to rid us of our shame.

For we see His mercy is the only way

This is good news to those who trust in You!

No earning merit or standard to live up to.

But knowing You died for a purpose to gain our hearts.

And once this living is over, we’ll see the full beauty of who You are.

He Walks with Me

A secret way by which You lead

Off the beaten path

Where no other traveler has set foot

Just You and I together at last

A place where You tell me

Of things long ago

And give me glimpses

Of where we’ll go

We sit by a stream

to refresh and renew

Where I bask in Your presence

And give my praise to You