Don’t let the past define you

But your eyes of faith provide you

Hope for each new day

Let the lessons teach you

But not the pain beseech you

To fall into doubt or dismay

Let your heart be renewed

Through the grace He gives to you

As He washes yesterday away



Though the path is hard
It’s not impossible.
For nothing is impossible with You
Though the way is dark
It’s not invisible
You shine Your light to see me through
Though my heart is broken
It’s not beyond repair
When placed into Your hands
Though my tears may fall
You’ll wipe them away
And not let them thwart Your plans.


Lord heal us from the shrapnel left behind
from the war that waged in our lives
The cuts were deep. Alone, we can’t go on.

Lord teach us the lessons we refused to see
But continued on in our stubbornness
We battled for way too long.

Lord carry us into your loving light
Through the brokenness of this night
Awaken us to a new dawn.