Behind these walls

There may not appear to be freedom

No freedom to leave

No freedom to breathe

Only restrictions and people watching me

Behind these walls

I miss my family and friends

I miss my house and my boyfriend

But the confinement has kept me safe

Although I’d rather be any other place

No walls can take away God’s grace.

It’ll be a hard road

There will be plenty of tests, I’m sure

But I’m prepared for the battle

And all else I may endure

This is my rehab story

And I plan for it to end well

Then my overcoming

Will be a great story to tell.



You are near to the broken hearted

You are near to those lost

Your faithfulness to us

Came at a great cost

You don’t see our iniquity

You don’t see our faults

Your Son paid that price

On the cross

We live in a world

Where questions abound

Doubt seeps in

And hopelessness is found

But Your Word and truth

Gives hope

Your voice and forgiveness

Helps us to cope

Every moment brings a new promise

A new sunrise and change

Every prayer makes us feel heard

And gives us hope for the next day