Don’t Miss the Blessing

May the blessings You place

right in front of me

Not be dimmed by the sorrow

of unmet dreams

Nor disregarded or ignored

because I was searching for another door.

In Your will, there is hope of a future

Apart from my own thoughts or plans

May I not miss Your blessing or calling

Because “No” my heart would not understand.


Doubt, Faith, Possibilities

What if…

I never discover a solution

My battles never find resolution

My actions never match my words

My thoughts are always disturbed

I never write a famous song

I never find a place to belong

My worry doesn’t cease

My soul never finds peace

What if…

Promises are fulfilled

I perfect the art of being still

I continue to grow and gain

I find purpose in the pain

I gain insight and faith

I discover new strength

I hold fast to the truth

I stay beside You

What if…